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Abbasid defeated Ummayad in__________?

A. 751 AD
B. 755 AD
C. 750 AD
D. None of these 

Iraq’s Capital Baghdad was built by__________?

A. Ibn e Hashim
B. Al Mansoor
C. Uqba bin Rafay
D. None of these

Gobi desert is located in__________?

A. India
B. Russia
C. Syria
D. Mongolia

Who was the founder of the Democratic Party of USA?                         FPSC 2015

A. Franklin Roosevelt
B. Andrew Jackson
C. Kenndy
D. George Washington

“Eagle” is the National emblem of_____________?

A. Pakistan
B. India
C. Spain
D. Germany

Optic fibers are mainly used for which of the following:                  NTS 2014

A. Communication
B. Weaving
C. Food industry
D. None of these

Which Turkish tribe created the “OTTOMAN” Empire?                   NTS 2008

A. Serbia 
B. Asia-Minor
C. Anatolia
D. Central-Asia

Epigraphy means:____________?                                                   PPSC 2014

A. The study of coins
B. The study of Inscriptions
C. The study of Epics
D. None of these

When is World Hemophilia Day observed?                                         PPSC 2011

A. April 16th
B. April 17th
C. April 18th
D. April 19th

What is the real name of a famous comedian and actor in Pakistan “Lehri”?

A. Irfan khoosat
B. Safirullah Saddiqui
C. Athar Shah Khan Jaidi
D. None of these


Mountain Passes in Pakistan

Beaches in Pakistan

Abbasid defeated Ummayad in,Iraq’s Capital Baghdad was built by,Gobi desert is located in,“Eagle” is the National emblem of,Optic fibers are used for

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