Ahmad Shah Bahadur

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Ahmad Shah Bahadur

Ahmad Shah Bahadur

Ahmad Shah Bahadur was also called  Mirza Ahmad Shah. He was the son of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah Rangeela.  He was born on 23 December 1725 and died on 1 January 1775.  

Ascend to Throne

At the age of 22, he succeeded his father to the throne as the fourteenth Mughal Emperor. The Mughal Empire was near to collapse when Ahmed Shah Bahadur came to power. Furthermore, his administrative flaws eventually led to the Mughal empire becoming weak. The Mughal state was severely weakened. He reigned for six years but outsourced control of the state to opposing groups. Vizier Feroze Jung III deposed him, and he and his mother were both blinded.

Ahmad Shah Empire Period

On April 29, 1748, following the death of Muhammad Shah Rangeela, his son Ahmad Shah ascended to the throne. He was twenty-two years old at that time and had no administrative experience. He was the hero in the battle of Sirhind, where Ahmad Shah Abdali got defeated. 

Ahmad Shah had no such qualities of leadership and remained unsuccessful in managing the state affairs.  As a result, his Wazir, Safdar Jang, took over the government. Unfortunately, Safdar Jang was likewise unable to operate the administration properly, devoting most of his time to internal conflict and self-promotion. Safdar Jang fought alongside the Mahrattas against Ahmad Shah Abdali in 1750.

There were several upheavals and disruptions during Ahmad Shah’s short reign. The Rohillas rose up in revolt, and for the second time, Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded Punjab, moving towards Delhi. As Delhi was on the verge of collapse, Ahmad Shah negotiated a peace deal with Ahmad Shah Abdali in which Abdali ceded Punjab and Multan.  The first and second Carnatic wars ( British and Indian) were fought in his era. 

Battle of Manipur 

The Battle of Manipur took place on March 11, 1748, between the Mughals and Durrani emperors. Ahmad Shah Abdali launched significant operations against the collapsing Mughals in late 1747, and on January 18, 1748, he took Kabul, Peshawar, and Lahore.

When Qamaruddin Khan (who was the Mughal commander) got killed by the Abdali army, his son Moin-ul-Mulk, assumed leadership of the fight against the Abdali Army. Both sides fought very bravely against each other. But a fire that started in a seized rocket wagon spread to the Durrani artillery depot, burning several troops alive and causing Ahmad Shah Durrani to flee.

Although the terrified Mughals were unable to follow Durrani’s departure. So, the Sikh forces (that were headed by Maharaja of Patiala Ala Singh and Charat Singh) harassed Afghan while lifting towards Kabul. As a result, Ahmad Shah’s first invasion of India was a flop and in this battle Ahmad Shah Bahadur declared a so-called victory.

Death of Ahmad Shah Bahadur

As Ahmad Shah Bahadur was deemed unfit to rule, Imad-ul-Mulk Ghazi-ud-Din with the assistance of Mahrattas captured Ahmad Shah Bahadur , blinded him along with his mother. He remained imprisoned from 1754 to 1775 and then he died. When he got imprisoned, Alamgir-II replaced him as Mughal King in 1754.


death of Ahmad Shah Bahadur

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