Bill Maher: ‘I am scared of Trump on a very personal level’

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Bill Maher: ‘I am scared of Trump on a very personal level’

Bill Maher claims he fears Trump “on a very intimate level” because of “what he would do” to him if he were elected president again in 2024.

Personally, I’m scared of Trump because I don’t believe he likes me. The presenter of HBO’s “Real Time” admitted to Jake Tapper during a CNN prime-time special on Tuesday that he understood why the show was canceled. As for his potential actions in a second term, I have no idea.

The comedian and liberal commentator said, “I was scared for my own well-being” after Trump’s election victory in 2016. I was afraid I might be sent to Guantánamo. Perhaps I still have a chance.”

Sometimes he gets fixated. I can’t say. During his eight months in office as president, he went on a tirade. I have a list three pages lengthy of the names the 45th president has called me at his rallies, he claimed.

Maher, who will be 67 in January, has been a vocal opponent of Trump, calling the former real estate mogul and potential GOP presidential nominee in 2024 “everything wrong with a human being stuffed into one man.”

It’s no secret that Trump thinks Maher is a “radical left lunatic.”

Recently, Trump criticised CNN for airing Maher’s “Overtime” portion after its Friday night shows. The cable network “wants to give wacky liddle’ Bill Maher a chance at bringing them back to just normal ‘bad,'” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post, “when Bill Maher suffers from the same affliction as CNN — BAD RATINGS!”

Maher told Tapper that Trump “obviously” has no limits, and that people should be concerned because of what other authoritarian dictators have done to others around the world.

Maher remarked, “I don’t believe he’s going to become [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and start pushing people out windows, but I’m not going to live on the 30th floor anywhere, either.”


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