Is it Enough to Suspend the Nupur Sharma’s party membership after Muslim Countries Reaction?

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After bjp nupur sharma statement the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India has distanced itself from spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s alleged blasphemy and provocative remarks and bjp suspends Nupur from its core membership. In addition, the party’s media in-charge, Naveen Kama Rajandal, has also been suspended. He also made an allegedly objectionable statement two days ago.

Secretary Om Pathak, a member of the BJP’s Central Disciplinary Committee, said in a letter to Nupur Sharma that her views were contrary to the party’s stance. Therefore, she is being immediately suspended from the party. Dr Taslim Rahmani, president of the Muslim Political Council of India, sent legal notices to BJP Nupur Sharma, the broadcaster Times Now, and the Election Commission of India welcomed the move, saying the country’s laws against Nupur Sharma Action should also be taken accordingly.

He said the party’s decision was incomplete. Several cases have been registered against Nupur. Therefore, they should be arrested as soon as possible, and the BJP should apologize unconditionally to Muslims worldwide. Dr Taslim Rahmani was also present on the panel during the discussion on the Gyan Vapi Mosque on Times Now and withdrew from the discussion after making an objectionable statement.

He said that the language of the legal notice sent to the BJP was very strict, and in light of this, the BJP understood that it could be difficult. Because according to the Public Representation Act, no party can use religious symbols and make insulting statements against any religion. Dr Taslim Rahmani also said that if the matter went to court, the registration of the BJP as a political party could be terminated.

According to him, the Election Commission has not received any reply yet. They will wait for 15 days. After that, we will approach the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the BJP has distanced itself from the controversial statement.

The party respects all religions, party general secretary Arun Singh said. He said the party strongly condemns insults to figures of any religion. She does not encourage such individuals and ideologies. According to the statement, every religion has flourished in India’s thousands of years. The Constitution of India gives every citizen the right to practice his religion and respects every religion.

protest in Kanpur after BJP Nupur Sharma Statement 

Violence erupted during a protest in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on Friday over Naupur Sharma’s statement. About 40 people, including several police officers, were injured. Police have registered three FIRs and arrested 36 people. The Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar Fans Association, a Kanpur-based organization, called for a protest in Kanpur on June 3.

According to police, the Muslims tried to close the shops while others opposed it. Muslim people were beaten and stoned, and police hurled petrol bombs at them. According to police, 24 people have been arrested and 12 detained in connection with the violence. Among those arrested was Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar Fans Association President Zafar Hayat Hashmi. According to the police, he is the mastermind of the violence.

Police officials said the suspects would be prosecuted under the National Security Act and the Gangster Act. According to reports, the announcement of the police that the property of the accused would be confiscated or demolished has created panic among the residents. According to Kanpur Police Commissioner VS Meena, police are investigating the role of Kerala-based Popular Front of India (PFI) and other organizations in the case. According to the Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Anand Prakash Tiwari, there is peace in the affected areas, and the situation is being monitored 24 hours a day.

Zafar Hayat Hashmi’s family has denied the allegations made by the police and said that the police are trapping them. They have no hand in the violence. According to media reports, there was an incident of beating and snatching a mobile phone with Hafiz Abdul Qudoos, a judge of Shahar, who was trying to reach a reconciliation during the violence on Friday. Video footage of the incident will be handed over to the police by leading Muslims of Kanpur.

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Section 144 is enforced in Bareilly.

Meanwhile, in the city of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, the administration enacted Section 144 after Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan, a Muslim religious leader, announced a protest against blasphemy on June 10. According to police, no more than five people can gather at one place at a time. The administration has also banned the posting of posters. Section 144 will remain in force till July 3 to prevent any untoward incident.

 Muslim Word Reaction after BJP Nupur  Sharma Statement 

On the other hand, the Muslim countries reacted strongly against the BJP government. The Qatari Foreign Ministry handed over an official note of Qatar’s response to the Indian Ambassador. A statement issued by the Qatari Foreign Ministry expressed outrage over the controversial statement made by India’s ruling party leader. Meanwhile, Kuwait has also reacted strongly to this issue by summoning the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait and has recorded a strong protest. Pakistan Prime Minister and ex-Prime Minister also reacted strongly against this. Other Muslim Countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are also condemning. 

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