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Which player played cricket for both India and Pakistan?  ppsc 2018

A. Nazar Muhammad
B. Mudassar Nazar
C. Majid Khan
D. Abdul Kardar

Arachnophobia is fear of __________?             ppsc 2012

A. Fear of Snakes
B. Fear of  Mosquito
C. Fear of Cat
D. Fear of Spider

Which Country Has No Words in National Anthem?         PPSC 2019

A. Spain
B. Nigeria
C. Greenland
D. Iceland 

Which Country has the longest national anthem of the world?            PPSC 2019

A. Egypt
B. Russia
C. Canada
D. Greece

Which country has the shortest national anthem in the World? 

A. Brazil
B. Canada
C. Egypt
D. Japan

Which country has no National Anthem?                        PPSC 2017

A. Peru
B. South Sudan
C. South Africa
D. Cyprus

Which Country has two National Anthem?                       PPSC 2015

A. New Zealand and Denmark
B. China and Russia
C. Iraq  and Iran
D. U.K and the U.S.A

Atlas Mountain is found in__________?                       PPSC 2017

A. Niger
B. Congo
C. Morocco
D. Italy

When did women compete in Olympic Games for the first time?             NTS 2012

A. 1900
B. 1912
C. 1916
D. 1920

First commercial cellphone service started in 1984 in___?

A. London ( UK)
B. Chicago (USA)
C. Paris ( France)
D. Rome (Italy)

Famous novel ” Train to Pakistan” written by______?            PPSC 2018

A. Jaswant Singh
B. I K Adwani
C. Khushwant Singh 
D. None of these

Arachnophobia is fear of, novel ” Train to Pakistan” written, Atlas Mountain is found in, First commercial cellphone service started in, Which player played cricket for India and Pakistan?


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