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The Synonym of ‘snollygoster’ is_________?

A. Unprincipled politician
B. Sneak
C. Garrulous
D. None of above

The Synonyms of CONDONE is__________?

A. Accept
B. Acceptable
C. Condom
D. Condemn

The Synonym of Puerile is______________?

A. Mature
B. Immature
C. purity
D. power

Synonym of ABATE is _____________?

A. Postpone
B. Abandon
C. Diminish
D. Increase

Synonym of Cordial is _____________?

A. Unpleasant
B. Pleasant
C. Heart
D. Love

Synonym of Cajole is _____________?

A. Flattery
B. Embezzle
C. Knowledge
D. Satiate

Synonym of Triumph is _____________?

A. Victory
B. Victim
C. Violence
D. Its Name of US President

Synonym of Hermetic is _____________?

A. Airtight
B. Imitate
C. Unsettled
D. Open

Synonym of SHAM

A. Fake
B. Deplorable
C. Purse
D. Robust

Synonym of GINGERLY

A. Cautiously
B. Retrospectively
C. Hectically
D. Carelessly

Synonym of “indigence” is _________? (PPSC 2015)

A. nativity
B. tolerance
C. gossiping
D. poverty
E. eating

Synonym of “ captious” is _________?

A. prominent
B. carping
C. critical
D. caustic
E. epigrammatic

Synonym of “sumptuous” is _________?

A. swampy
B. irritable
C. meagre
D. fancy
E. lavish

Synonym of “pelt” is _________?

A. to throw things at
B. touch softly
C. place in layers
D. remove from

Synonym of “mores” is _________? (FPSC 2010)

A. morals
B. customs
C. taxes
D. fiscal year
E. swamp

Synonym of “vestige” is _________?

A. clothing
B. trace
C. under-garment
D. hallway
E. hope

Synonym of “garrulous” is _________? (PPSC 2012)

A. laconic
B. strangling
C. ecstatic
D. frozen
E. wordy

Synonym of “homogenous” is _________?

A. heterogeneous
B. motley
C. scrambled
D. different
E. similar

Synonym of “celibate” is _________?

A. single
B. double
C. married
D. bald
E. hypocritical

Synonym of Hermetic is?,Synonym of Triumph is Synonym of Cordial is? Synonym of Puerile is?

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