Chaudhary Muhammad Ali-Political Career- As Prime Minister-Conflicts

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Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali was born in Jullundur, India, on July 1, 1905, and died in Karachi on December 1, 1980. In 1955–56, he served as Pakistan’s fourth prime minister for 13 months. In his era, the first constitution of Pakistan was passed and Pakistan became Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 

Early Education

Mohammed Ali earned a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Punjab in Lahore and taught there before joining the government service. Initially he was a clerk in the accounting department in British-India administration. After independence he became the  secretary of  financial affairs.

“He reproduced Ramoji-Be-Khudi ” of Allama Iqbal in his handwriting. He wrote a book named “The Emergence of Pakistan”.

Political Career

 In 1932, he was appointed Accountant-General of Bahawalpur State by the Audit and Accounts Department. In Bahawalpur, he was the first Indian to hold such a high position.

chaudhary Muhammad Ali resigned from prime ministership on

   Chaudhry Mohammed Ali as Secretary

Mohammed Ali’s good performance in Bahawalpur State led to his appointment as  Secretary of the Central Government’s Department of Finance and Commerce.. In 1942, as World War II broke out, he was appointed as the first Indian financial advisor for war and supply. 

In 1946, he was sent to England with the Haidry Mission. Quaid-e-Azam also admired him for his great performance. He was fully aware of political trends, despite his lack of involvement in active politics. Liaquat Ali Khans “Poor Man Budget” was prepared with the help of Chaudhry Mohammad Ali’s technical expertise.

Muhammad Ali as General Secretary 

Mohammad Ali became Pakistan’s first Secretary-General when the country was created. He played a vital role in the formation of the Cabinet and gave financial expertise to Finance Minister Gulam Mohammad to develop Pakistan’s first budget. Ayub Khan wrote in his memoirs that Chaudhry Mohammad Ali had a great deal of influence over the Prime Minister of the time, Liaquat Ali Khan.

Muhammad Ali as Prime Minister 

Pakistan islamic republican party

Chaudhry Mohammad Ali with Foreign delegation

In 1955, he was elected Prime Minister by Governor-General Iskander Mirza. When he became Prime Minister, he promised that the Assembly would approve a constitution very soon. 

As a result, he did his utmost to keep his pledge, and on March 23, 1956, the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan went into effect. The country’s reliance on foreign borrowings was minimal during his administration. During Pakistan’s economic development, Chaudhary Mohammad Ali played a crucial role. The First Five Year Plan was one of his government’s most outstanding achievements.

Conflicts in Muhammad Ali Governance

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali was successful Economist and prime Minister but he failed in reconciling differences within his political party. Despite the opposition of the Muslim League, he appointed Dr. Khan Sahib as Chief Minister of West Pakistan’s Unified Province. The Muslim League rejected Dr. Khan Sahib’s appointment since he was an old congressman who had opposed Pakistan’s establishment. Khan Sahib, on the other hand, also had the support of Iskander Mirza. So members of the Assembly started a movement to remove him. 

The Muslim League and Prime Minister Mohammad Ali parted ways when he failed to normalize relations. On 8 September 1956 Muslim League leader A.Q Khan presented the no-confidence movement against him which was approved successfully. He formed a new political organization, the Republican Party.

When he was Prime Minister he helped Dr. Khan Sahib to make the Republican Party in majority in the Constitution Assembly.  He also started to expel Muslim League members from his cabinet.


His health deteriorated day by day while he worked to restore democracy in the country after the Martial law of Ayub Khan.  Since his retirement, he has expressed his opinions and thoughts on a wide range of topics. He died on December 1, 1980.


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