Climate change: The chances of breaking the record of heat in Pakistan and India have increased 100 times

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effects of climate change

“Effects of climate change raised the temperature in India and Pakistan”

According to a study by the British Meteorological Agency, effects of climate change has increased the chances of setting new extreme weather records in Pakistan and northwestern India 100 times. Now the region should expect warmer weather every three years than the hottest weather of 2010.

According to the British Met Office, Pakistan and Northwest India may experience extremely hot weather every three years which occurs only once in 312 years due to effects of climate change. Meteorologists say temperatures in northwestern India could reach new heights in the coming days.

A new analysis of the seasons in Pakistan and India has emerged as a state-of-the-art report by the World Meteorological Organization, a United Nations body for environmental science. The report warns that the four major signs of climate change in 2021, the concentration of greenhouse gases, sea-level rise, sea temperature, and sea acidity, have set new records.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called the report a “disappointing story” about humanity’s failure to tackle climate change.

In recent weeks, pre-monsoon heat waves in northwestern India and Pakistan have eased slightly after temperatures reached 51 degrees Celsius.

The British Met Office’s Global Guidance Unit has warned that the heatwave could intensify again this weekend. Dr. Nikos Christstadis, who led the Met Office study team, says warm weather occurs in April and May before the monsoon season in northwestern India and Pakistan. However, our study shows that effects of climate change on the environment is increasing the intensity of heat and the current record of temperature is 100 times more likely to be broken.

The British Met study is based on a heatwave in April 2010 when severe weather engulfed northwestern India and Pakistan and recorded the region’s highest average temperature in April and May since 1900. This study seeks to assess the role of climate change in the severity of the seasons.

This study compares different scenarios in a computer to estimate how often such weather can occur. In one scenario the current weather is modeled while in the other scenario the model is developed based on other triggers of climate change.

These scenarios are run by 14 different computer models and dozens of different models are created to compare how climate change has changed the likelihood of an event occurring. The Met Office used the same method to assess the effects of climate change on the environment in the future and warned that the coming conditions would be worse. If the British Meteorological Department predicts climate change, then by the end of the century, India and Pakistan should expect similar severe weather almost every year.

effects of climate change on the environment

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