Constitution of 1962-Ayub Khan- Justice Manzoor Qadir- Justice Shahab-ud-din

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Second Constitution of Pakistan,Constitution of 1962

Constitution of 1962

Constitution of 1962 is second Constitution of Pakistan. It is presidential form of  Constitution. The Constitution defines the nature of any institution or any Government. It specifies the limitations and functions of any institution and government. However, the Muslim Constitution depends on the principles of 

  • Almighty Allah, 
  • Prophet Mohammad, 
  • and the Holy Qur'an.

Constitution of pakistan 1962 main points

After the military coup by Iskander Mirza and then by Ayub Khan 1958, Justice Shahab-ud-din formed a legislative panel. The panel set and designed the whole Constitution. The entire Constitution was designed and drafted by Justice Manzoor Qadir.  Constitution of 1962 came into effect on June 8, 1962 

Constitution of pakistan 1962 main points are given below

Written Form

There were 250 sections and 3 schedules in the Constitution. The Objective Resolution was also included in it. 

Name of Country

The country’s name was changed to “Islamic the Republic of Pakistan” in the 1962 constitution. The word “Islamic” was added subsequently due to widespread outcry. 


A presidential form of government was implemented for the first time by the 1962 Constitution, which resulted in the President gaining significant powers over the country.

Parliament (unicameral)

The National Assembly had only one-house parliament. According to the new Constitution, there wasn’t a Senate. 

Democratic System

New basic democracies were introduced in 1962 with the Constitution of the United States of America. People were supposed to choose the basic Democrats they wanted to vote for. This group was called the “Electoral College,” composed of the elected Basic Democrats. In 1962, the direct election system was implemented.

Judiciary Independence

Although the 1962 Constitution guaranteed complete judicial independence, the President retained the power to select and remove judges. To add insult to injury, both courts could not initiate proceedings in a case on their own. However, they had only a limited amount of control over the lower courts’ administration.

Rights of Minorities

Minorities were given adequate protection in the 1962 Constitution, allowing them to enjoy their religious liberties and promote their culture without limitation.


The Pakistani Constitution of 1962 specified that Shariah would govern the country’s laws. There would be an annulment or amendment of all laws that conflicted with Islamic Principles to bring them under Islamic Jurisdiction

Islamic Life Propagation

Islam will be promoted by a new constitution passed in 1962, which promised that Muslims would live their lives according to the Holy Quran and Sunna.

 Prohibition of Non-Islamic Practices

All Shariah-incompatible practices, such as gambling, adultery, prostitution, intoxication, and any unethical interest, would be banned.


Urdu and Bengali were designated as the two official languages of Pakistan..

Parity Principle Introduction

It upheld the principle of parity (equal representation) between East Pakistan and West Pakistan.

Islamic Research Institute

An Islamic Research Institute will be established to promote the study of Islamic History and Fiqa and research this area.

Introduction of Islamic Ideology System

 A Council of Islamic Ideology with religious scholars was established. As a result of the council’s efforts, non-Islamic laws were identified and brought into compliance with Shariah.

Members of the Council were also provided with information regarding upcoming legislation and administrative decisions of the government. However, the President was not bound by the recommendations of the councils.


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