Constitution of 1973-Salient Features of 1973 Constitution-Zulfiqar Bhutto

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Constitution of pakistan 1973 articles,

Constitution of 1973

Bhutto with other parliamentary leaders

It is the third Constitution of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Constitution of 1973 was unanimously approved by Pakistan’s National Assembly on 10-April, 1973. On 14 August 1973 the constitution came into force. After this Constitution Bhutto became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.  

The constitution has 7 schedules and  280 articles. The Constitution was unanimously approved by the parliament with the support of all political parties. Since then 25 amendments have been made to the 1973 constitution. 

Constitution of pakistan 1973 salient features

In Written Form

Contrary to the United Kingdom Constitution, the 1973 Constitution is a written document.

Federal Constitution

Federalism is enshrined in this Constitution. There is a federal government and also government of all provinces of Sindh, PunjabBaluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Parliamentary System of Governance 

It provides parliamentary government, similar to 1956 but different from 1962. In a parliamentary government, the elected parliament has the most power. In this system the head of government is the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is more powerful than the President. 

Bicameral Legislature

The country’s legislative body is divided into two chambers, the National Assembly and the Senate.

Rigid Constitution

Because it requires a two-thirds majority in both the National Assembly and Senate to amend it therefore  it is a rigid constitution.

Fundamental Rights

Pakistan’s citizens are guaranteed fundamental rights.

  • Everyone is equal before the law.
  • Securing the lives of people and their possessions.
  • Possession of property in any part of Pakistan with the right to acquire, hold or dispose of.
  • Right to adopt any lawful profession

Language of the country

In this Urdu was declared Pakistan’s national language The Constitution also guarantees full protection for regional languages.

Islamic Provisions 

Pakistan is also known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, according to the country’s 1973 constitution.

  • Sovereignty of Allah.
  • Only Muslim could become Pakistan’s president and prime minister.
  • The way of life of the Muslims should be according to Islam teaching.
  • No law should be made against Shariah. 

Electoral System

There is also a direct election system, which is a prominent feature of Pakistan’s in this Constitution. There is a direct election for both Provincial Assembly and  National Assembly members.


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