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Earl of Auckland

Earl of Auckland

The real name of earl of Auckland was George Eden. He was the second son of William Eden, was born in 1784 near in Kent. He received his MA degree in 1808 and was admitted to the bar in 1809. He studied at Christ Church in Oxford. When his elder brother  died  in 1810, he was elected to the House of Commons for his brother, and in 1813 he was re-elected.  In 1814, as second Baron Auckland, he took over from his father as a Whig Party supporter in the House of Lords.

Eden was named Chairman of the Trade Board and Master of the Mint in 1830. From 1834 to 1835, he  worked  as Governor-General of India after the Lord William Bentinck. He implemented educational reform, began starvation relief in India, and, as a superb administrator, has led to a disastrous military war in Afghanistan as he wants to extend British trade and influence in Central Asia.

Reforms by Earl-Aukland 

He has established the universal applicability of general appointment and pension regulations and laws as Governor-General, thus avoiding the constant use of provincial administration guidance. He also encouraged education spreading, though only to a limited extent, especially Western medical expertise. However, the first war in Afghanistan from 1838 to 1842 completely overshadowed that small duty.

Sambad Prabhakar-1839

The Sangbad Prabhakar was a first-class journal with articles about religion, society, literature, and reports about India and other countries. It encouraged women’s education and widow marriage in the 1840s and 1850s and raised its voice against culinary practices. His stance was always pro-British, supported by the Zamindars, excluding specific objections. In the creation of public attitude against Indigo Planters, Sangbad Prabhakar played a very critical role. It represented, in short, the concepts of the Bengal Renaissance of the 19th century.

Tattwabodhini Sabha-1839

Tattwabodhini Sabha was created to promote Hinduism. Debendranath started it on 6 October 1839. Tattwabodhini Sabha main purpose was to encourage the Vedas and Upanishad rational and humanist types of Hinduism.

It was a faction organization of the Hindu and Indian Society reformers.  Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded it in 1828. The text for this moment was complied named as “Brahmo Dharma” by Debendranath Tagore.

Bank of Bombay-1840

Bank of Bombay

The Bank of Bombay was the second largest of the three banks in the Raj period, after the Bank of Calcutta and the Bank of Madras. The Bank of Bombay was founded on 15 April 1840, following a British East India Company charter under the Earl of Auckland.

It had its headquarters in Bombay, now called Mumbai. The Bank of Bombay undertook every typical activity to be conducted by a commercial bank. The Bank of Bombay also carried out certain functions usually preserved by a central bank in the absence of any central banking authority.

On 27 January 1921, the reformed banking body was appointed Imperial Bank of India, together with the other two banks of the presidency, the bank of Calcutta and Madras. A controlling share in the Imperial Bank and the Imperial Bank of India was acknowledged by the Reserve Bank of India, which is India’s central banking organization. However, in 1955, the bank of Bombay was converted into a State Bank of India on 30 April 1955.


In 1839, Eden became the first Earl of Auckland and the Lord Eden of Norwood, Surrey. In 1842, Lord Ellenborough was called to England and replaced him in office. He again became the lord of the admiralty in 1846 and held his post before his death in the vicinity of Alresford, Hampshire, on 1 January 1849.

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