Earl of Dufferin-Formation of Congress- Third Anglo-Burmese War

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Indian national congress,Earl of Dufferin formed

The Earl of Dufferin

The Earl of Dufferin was a British politician, magistrate, and lord-lieutenant of Ireland appointed to the office in 1807. He became known for helping to maintain the semi-autonomous status of the United Kingdom’s self-governing colonies. He served as Governor-General of India from 1884-1885 after Marquess of Ripon.

Indian national congress formed (1885).

Congress is an organization that has played a pivotal role in shaping modern India. Indian national congress formed in 1885 when its founding members decided to campaign for greater democracy in British India. Allan Octavian Hume founded the Congress. Umesh Chandra Banerjee was elected as its first President. The first session was held in Bombay, and 72 delegates from all over India attended this meeting. The organization contributed to the successful independence of India in 1947.

Indian National Congress was called a “microscopic minority” by Dufferin.

Lord Dufferin firstly did not react against Congress much actively.  He originally called Congress as descriptive of the “microscopic minority of India.” Still, later when Congress became a major political party, the Government employers were banned from taking part in the events of the Congress

Third Anglo-Burmese War (1885)

Earl of Dufferin

        Third Anglo-Burmese War

The Third Anglo-Burmese War 1885 was the last battle that ended Burma’s independence after the first Anglo-Burma war and the Second Anglo-Burma war. Already in the previous two fights, Burma territory was lemmatized to upper Burma.  In 1883 Burma was going through many crises under the Konbaung dynasty. In the same year, a delegation of Burma went to France to get assistance. They made a treaty to buy weapons from France.  It was not acceptable for the British. So firstly, the British created political pressure on the Burma government. But in 1885 British declared war on Burma. British defeated the Burma Army, and Burma was captured by the British in 1886.

But from there, it remained insurgency till 1896. From 1896 to 1937, it remained under British control. In Aril 1937, Burma was made a separate administrated colony, and Ba Maw became its prime minister. Ba Maw was a fearless statesman. When the Second World war was started, he opposed participating in it. He resigned from the assembly.  In 1940 when the British joined the Second World war officially, Burma also joined it. After it, Japanese troops entered Burma in 1942, and Burma became a major battleground between the British and Japan. Japan troops captured Burma, and the British administration ended. Japan made executive administration in Burma and appointed Be Maw its President. 

After the Second World War, Japan was defeated. Then a political movement was started in Burma for independence. But in 1947, many parliament members were killed by the British.

On 4 January 1948, Burma made an independent country. Sao Shwe Tail was the country’s first president and U Nu as its first Prime minister.

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