Economic Survey latest Report of Pakistan14 june-2022 to 19-june-2022

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economic survey latest, inflation rate 

The inflation rate has risen to 3.38% in one week, which is a historic increase in one week, while the annual rate of inflation has also reached 27.82%. The highest level in the history of the country.

According to the report, prices of 36 items increased in one week, stabilized in 9 items while prices of only 6 items decreased. According to the report, the last one week has seen a significant increase in the prices of all basic necessities of the people including electricity, petroleum products, meat, vegetables, pulses and other commodities. According to the report, diesel prices rose by 28.91 per cent, petrol by 11.43 per cent, electricity by 6.63 per cent, chicken by 12.10 per cent, potatoes by 6.89 per cent and cooked lentils by 5.90 per cent, gram lentils by 5.29 per cent and beef by 5.19 per cent. 

Stock Market report of last week or share market karachi 

Last week saw a mixed trend in trading on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. According to the details, the Pakistan Stock Exchange 100 Index increased by 126 points during the last one week after which the index closed at 42,140 points with an increase of 0.30%.

From 13 to 17 June 2022, the highest rate of the index was 42,420 and the lowest level was 40,657 points. Last week, 870 million shares were traded in the market. The weekly turnover of the shares market was more than Rs 26 billion while the market capitalization increased by Rs 19 billion to Rs 7002 billion.

Forex Market report

In a week, the dollar has risen by Rs 6.40 against the rupee in the interbank market and by Rs 9 in the open market. According to the report, the dollar and other currencies have also become more expensive in the open market. In a week, the dollar has gone up by Rs 9 in the open market, its price has increased from Rs 203 to a high of Rs 212. In one week, the euro has risen by Rs 7 to Rs 223, while the British pound has risen by Rs 5.50 to Rs 260. According to the report, the UAE dirham has risen by Rs 2.20 to Rs 57.80 and the Saudi riyal has risen by Rs 2.20 to a high of Rs 56.30.

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