English Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

The time when two people have a romantic relationship before they get married is?

A. snobbery
B. courtship
C. estrangement
D. polyphony

That never fails is?

A. irrelevant
B. infallible
C. indelible
D. inaudible

That which is out of place is?

A. anachronistic
B. obsolete
C. incongruous
D. archaic

An odd, typical, or eccentric trait is?

A. harangue
B. hyperbole
C. idiosyncrasy
D. elegy

A dogmatic person is?

A. nomadic
B. elite
C. zealot
D. swashbuckler

A cluster of houses in a village is?

A. fleet
B. hamlet
C. monument
D. constellation

A noisy and bombastic speech addressed to a large assembly is?

A. rhetoric
B. cacophony
C. harangue
D. oration

Hard to understand is?

A. punctilious
B. obtuse
C. absurd
D. abstruse

The study of ancient writings is?

A. annals
B. paleographic
C. calligraphy
D. archeology

One who promotes the idea of the absence of government of any kind, when every man should be a law unto himself is?

A. agnostic
B. Iconic
C. belligerent
D. anarchist


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