English One Word Subsctitution Mcqs – 12

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The killing of one’s mother called________?

A. matricide
B. parricide
C. regicide
D. patricide

killing of a large group of people called_________?

A. filicide
B. fratricide
C. genocide
D. homicide

A community of people smaller than a village

A. hamlet
B. aviary
C. apiary
D. none of these

A person who is controlled by wife called

A. Henpeck
B. Connoisseur
C. Somnambulist
D. None of these

A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc. is called as __________?


B. Sty


D. Lair

” Infallible ” refers to the one who is free from all _________?

A. cares & worries
B. cares & failures
C. mistakes & failures
D. Worries & troubles

the action of killing King is called____________?

A. regicide
B. suicide
C. patricide
D. parricide

Fear of closed places:

A. Claustrophobia
B. Misogynist
C. Ambidextrous
D. Philanthropy

Having a tendency to break the law to do socially unacceptable things is?

A. delinquent
B. frank
C. juvenile
D. guilty

the action of killing King is called

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