English Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

What is the antonym of Assiduous?

A. Diligent
B. Sluggish
C. Sedulous
D. Indomitable

What is the antonym of Bibulous?

A. Careful
B. Inspired
C. Sober
D. Sot

What is the antonym of Brevity?

A. In a nutshell
B. verbosity
C. Tersely
D. Scarcity

Antonym of Fickle is ______________?

A. Courageous
B. Sincere
C. Constant
D. Humble

Antonym of Hypocritical is ____________?

A. Gentle
B. Sincere
C. Amiable
D. Dependable

Antonym of Essential is ___________ ?

A. Optional
B. Nought
C. Minors
D. Trivial

Antonym of Revealed is _____________ ?

A. Denied
B. Concealed
C. Ignored
D. Overlooked

Antonym of MINOR is ____________ ?

A. Big
B. Major
C. Tall
D. Heavy

Antonym of Abominate?

A. love
B. loath
C. Abhor
D. Despise

Antonym of Reprobate ___________?

A. Elevated
B. virtuous
C. clumsy
D. lavish


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