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English Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Antonym of Euphony?

A. Cacophony
B. pithy
C. Salophony
D. Pitching

Antonym of “QUOTIDIAN” is_________?

A. Extraordinary 
B. Certain
C. Wishful
D. Premature

Antonym of ”Malaise” is ___________?

A. Despondency
B. Dejection
C. Restless
D. Comfort

Antonym of “filthy” is_________?

A. Clean
B. Grimy
C. Grubby
D. Putrid

Antonym of Vagrant is _____________?

A. Derelict
B. Wayfarer
C. Stable
D. Vagabond

What’s the antonym of Amicable?

A. Friendly
B. Hostile
C. Haughty
D. Arrogant

Antonym of Friend is _____________?

A. Enemy 
B. Brother
C. companion
D. None

Antonyms of “Apposite” is_____?

A. Liable
B. Connected
C. Inappropriate
D. None

Antonym of pardon is _____________?

A. Punish
B. forgive
C. praise
D. Reward

Antonym of “Foe” is___________?

A. Friend
B. Enemy
C. classmate
D. None of these

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