English Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

Antonym of ” Provoke ” is _____________?

A. Arouse
B. Induce
C. Evoke
D. Allay

Antonym of ” Dismantle ” is _____________?

A. Vie
B. Raze
C. Outclass
D. Level
E. Build

Antonym of ” Sceptical ” is _____________?

A. Unconvinced
B. Scoffing
C. Certain
D. Reticent
E. Scapegoat

Antonym of ” Celibate ” is _____________?

A. Chaste
B. Ascetic
C. Monastic
D. Married
E. Genius

Antonym of ” Chaste ” is _____________?

A. Shrewd
B. Talkative
C. Aspirant
D. Promiscuous
E. Celibate

Antonym of ATTRACT is _____________?

A. Repel
B. Demote
C. Expel
D. None of these

Antonym of Credulous is _____________?

A. Respectful
B. Hardworking
C. Skeptical
D. Frugal

Antonym of Felicity is _____________?

A. Sadness
B. Powerful
C. Narrow
D. Opaque

Antonym of Abate?

A. Enhance
B. Foster
C. Augment
D. All of above

Antonym of Aberrant?

A. Steadfast
B. Persistent
C. Devious
D. Both a&b


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