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English Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Antonym of Harmonious is _____________?

A. Peaceful
B. Hostile
C. Dominant
D. Tuneful

Antonym of Facetious is _____________?

A. Teasing
B. Serious
C. Tongue-in-cheek
D. Copy

“Profligate” Antonym _________?

A. Wildly extravagant
B. Dissolute
C. Dissipated
D. Thrifty

What are antonyms of word Restoration?

A. Lexicon
B. Balm
C. Hoarding
D. Depredation

Antonym of SCURRILOUS is_____________?

A. Abusive
B. Ribald
C. Decent
D. Mitigate

Antonym of TACITURN is _____________?

A. Judge
B. Garrulous
C. Immense
D. Silent

Antonym of SINGULAR is _____________?

A. Common
B. Social
C. Dull
D. Ancient

Antonym of PACIFIC is _____________?

A. Aggressive
B. Peaceful
C. Hawkish
D. Discordant

Antonym of DWARF is _____________?

A. Giant
B. Tiny
C. Huge
D. Enormous

Antonym of “famous” is ___________.

A. poor
B. obscure
C. untalented
D. boring

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