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English Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Antonym of GARBLED is _____________?

A. Slant
B. Unscramble
C. Obscure
D. Pervert

Antonym of SENILE is _____________?

A. Doting
B. Anile
C. Alert
D. Ancient

Antonym of INORDINATE is _____________?

A. Dizzying
B. Wasteful
C. Wanton
D. Moderate

Antonym of LUCID is _____________?

A. Evident
B. Obvious
C. Explicit
D. Vague

Antonym of INGEST is _____________?

A. Disgorge
B. Disrupt
C. Absorb
D. Devour

Antonym of ELATED is _____________?

A. Roused
B. Blissful
C. Sad
D. Happy

Antonym of DENIGRATE is _____________?

A. Asperse
B. Besmirch
C. Boost
D. Vilify

The antonyms of Stale is____________?

A. Old
B. Fresh
C. Tale
D. Break

The antonym of Mammoth is___________?

A. Big
B. Giant
C. Small
D. Low

Antonym of Elastic is _____________?

A. Yielding
B. Rigid
C. Mold-able
D. Supple

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