English One Word Subsctitution Mcqs – 9

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Officerswiki is a free education & learning platform for all students and working professionals, where they can practice multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs). These all MCQs on Officerswiki are FreeMcqs which are helpful in all types of exams  such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS,  PMS and UPSC. Read all these questions and answer for your knowledge. 

Responsible according to law?

A. eligible
B. legitimate
C. legalised
D. liable

Which is bound to be done?

A. soliloquy
B. indispensable
C. sinecure
D. indelible

Matter written by hand is?

B. manuscript
C. proof
D. amnesty

A state of temporary disuse or suspension is called?

B. Dimentia
C. Condone
D. None of the above

Departing from an accepted standard is called?

A. Aberrant
B. Avoid
C. Attract
D. None of the above

Excessive admiration or praise called?

A. Addiction
B. Backbiting
C. Adulation
D. None of the above

Polyandry means ________?

A. A man having more than one wife
B. A woman having more than one husband
C. A doctor having more than one specialty
D. None of the above

Strong sense of love for a place is called?

A. Autophilia
B. Astrophilia
C. Clinophilia
D. Topophilia

A person who wants to destroy all government and order is called _________?

A. Alienate
B. Anarchist
C. Annihilate
D. Aviary

Communication of impressions from mind to mind without the aid of the senses?

A. Tact
B. Telepathy
C. Tantalize
D. None of these

Excessive admiration or praise called? Strong sense of love for a place is called?

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