Feroz Khan Noon-Political Career-As Prime Minister-Gwadar Negotiations

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Feroz Khan Noon,seventh prime minister of pakistan

Feroz Khan Noon

Feroz Khan Noon became seventh Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mr. Khan was a prominent leader during the Freedom Movement and after Pakistan’s independence, and he held numerous vital titles. Feroz khan noon was a member of the Noon family, one of Punjab’s most potent landowner families. He was born in Lahore in 1893 and got his early education from Aitchison College in Lahore. Feroz Khan Noon wife  was  viqar-un-Nisa Noon. He married her in 1945, who was an Austrian woman. She converted to Islam after marriage and changed her name from Victoria to Viqar-un-Nisa. She also played an essential role in Pakistan’s independence along with her husband.

Political Career

In 1916, he completed his master’s degree in London then passed the bar exam and became a lawyer. His political career began in 1917 when he returned to the subcontinent. As a result of his political career, he was appointed Minister of Health and Education in the Punjab Provincial Cabinet. He served as India’s High Commissioner in London from 1936 to 1941. In 1945 he was appointed as a member of Viceroy’s Executive Council. During this time, he also served as India’s Defense Minister from 1942 till 1945.

Feroz Khan as Member of Punjab Legislative Council

Feroz Khan Noon Family

Feroz Khan with Skindar Hayat Tiwana

Firoz Khan was elected from the Shahpur constituency as a member of the Punjab Legislative Council in 1921. The Punjab government appointed him a minister in 1927, first for Local Self-Government and subsequently for Education and Health, which he held from 1927 until 1936. In 1946 he merged a wing of the Unionist party with the Muslim League and supported a lot for the independence of Pakistan.  After independence, Noon served in Pakistan’s first and second constitution committees in 1955.

Feroz Khan as Foreign Ambassador of Pakistan to Muslim Countries

To establish unity among the Muslim Ummah, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah dispatched Feroz Khan Noon as his special representative to certain Muslim countries in October 1947. As soon as Pakistan gained independence, Malik Feroz Khan became the country’s first ambassador to another country. 

In sending this one-person delegation, Pakistan hoped to introduce itself to other countries, explain the reasons for its foundation, familiarize Muslim countries with Pakistan’s internal issues, and gain moral and financial support from brother Muslim countries. 

Feroz Khan as Governor of East Pakistan

Feroz Khan Noon and gawadar

Feroz Khan as Governor of East Pakistan

On April 5, 1950, Firoz Khan Noon was appointed as Governor of East Pakistan. But he was not interested in the politics of Bengal and its affairs. He didn’t have any intention to do public works during his tenure in Bengal as Governor.  On February 21, 1952, when he was governor, several students were murdered in a shooting at Language Movement March. 

On March 26, 1953, he moved to Punjab, where he became the province’s chief minister of Punjab after the riots in Lahore in 1953.  PM Nizamuddin appointed Malik Feroz as chief minister of Punjab after Mumtaz Sultana. Noon remained Punjab’s Chief Minister until 1956, Then he became Pakistan’s Foreign Minister in Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy’s cabinet.

Feroz Khan as Prime Minister

seventh prime minister of Pakistan

Feroz Khan on visit as Prime Minister

Noon was the last candidate from the three-party coalition administration after H.S. Suhrawardy and I.I. Chundrigar resigned. However, in 1957, the Awami League, National Awami Party, and Krishak Sramik party joined to build a coalition. Due to this coalition, Feroz khan became seventh prime minister of Pakistan. 

His close relationship with Iskandar Mirza made him a significant organizer for the Republican Party in Punjab. On the 16th of December 1957, he was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan on the Republican Party’s platform. He remained the prime minister for one year (1957-1958). On the 7th of October 1958, martial law was imposed  in the country by Iskander Mirza and dismissed the government of Feroz khan Noon.  

Feroz Khan Noon and gawadar

Feroz Khan Noon wife( Viqar-un-Nisa)

When Feroz Khan was PM, he started negotiating for  Gwadar with Oman, and it was a step taken with great wisdom by him. He and his wife, Viaqr-un-Nisa Noon, played an essential role in it. His wife went to London to lobby the British Parliament for Gwadar, and ultimately she got the approval from the House of Lords. However, Feroz Khan negotiated with Oman and purchased Gwadar approximately Rs. 5.5 Billion.  A big share of money was paid by Agha Khan. 

Feroz Khan as Political Writer

Noon departed from national politics to pursue a career as a political columnist and author. The history of India and Pakistani law and politics were among the topics at which he wrote five books.

  • Canada and India, 
  • Wisdom from Fools, 
  • Illustrated India, 
  • Scented Dust, and 
  • From Memory, 

In 1937, the British government gave him the title of Knight Commander of the Imperial Order of the British Empire, followed by Knight Commander of the Supreme Order of the British Empire in 1941.


 He died on December 9, 1970 and was buried at Nurpur Noon (near Bhalwal), Sargodha District. 

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