Why Pakistan Army registered an FIR against Iman Mazari, daughter of Shirin Mazari ?

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FIR against Iman Mazari

On Friday, the Pakistani army registered an FIR against lawyer and social activist Iman Hazir Mazari. Iman Mazari is the daughter of senior PTI leader and National Assembly member Shirin Mazari.

It was conducted by the Advocate General of the Army (Legal Department of the Army in GHQ) at Ramna Police Station, Islamabad.

Iman Mazari knocked on the door of the Islamabad High Court through his lawyer Zainab Janjua. Chief Justice Athar Minallah granted bail to Iman Mazari before his arrest till June 9 for a bond of Rs.
In the FIR lodged by the Army, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Humayun Iftikhar told the police that between 5 and 6 pm before sunset on May 21, Shirin Mazari’s daughter Iman Mazari had met the Army, Army Chief (General Qamar Javed Bajwa). Has made a ridiculous statement against

It may be recalled that Islamabad police arrested Mazari on May 21 in front of his house in his car. Iman Mazari called him a kidnapper and blamed him on the army chief. At the request of Iman Mazari, the Islamabad High Court had ordered the immediate release of Shirin Mazari.

According to the military, Iman Mazari has uttered these words against the top leadership on the premises of the Islamabad High Court to create a mutiny in the army and threaten its leadership.
According to the military, Iman Mazari’s statement is intended to create hatred, uncertainty and chaos in the military, which is a very serious and punishable crime.

According to the military, Iman Mazari has tried to discredit the officers from the top leadership. According to the GHQ, Iman Mazari’s statement is detrimental to the army’s image. Her statement aims to create fear and panic among the people, which is a crime against the state.

Immediately after the case was registered, Iman Mazari told that she was still consulting on the military’s legal strategy for the case and would take legal action soon.

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