General Election 1970-Results- Awami League-Pakistan People Party

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general election 1970 Pakistan,general election 1970

General Election 1970 Pakistan

General Election 1970 of Pakistan were the free and fair polls in Pakistani history. Elections of the National Assembly were held on December 7, 1970, and provincial assembly elections were held on December 17. During these elections tension was rising between East and West Pakistan. 

According to Yahya Khan’s Legal Framework Order of March 30, 1970, the elections were held by principles of holding. 24 politica parties Participated in the election. The Awami League (AL) of Sheikh Mujeeb-ur Rehman won all seats from East Pakistan  and  Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto won all seats from  West Pakistan.  Both friendly and unfriendly parties were eager to form a government in the center. So they started to use all their efforts to get the power.

Main Two Parties 

  1. The Religious Party
  2. The Secular Party

The Religious Parties

Numerous religious parties participated in it, such as Jamiat-ul-Ulama-e-Islam and Jamiat-e Islam Party, as well as Pakistan Democratic Party, convention and Pakistan Muslim League, and. All these parties had a common goal “Islamization” in the country after winning the election. 

The Secular Parties

These are two of the most well-known and well-supported secular parties.

 Awami League

Awami League was the Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman party. In the election campaign Awami League was blaming west Pakistan that they are living on expense of East Pakistan, robbing their share. Awami League leaders in the campaign said “West Pakistan treats  Bengal as a “colony.”

Most important role was played by the East Pakistan Student League in elections in educational institutions. They prompted the Six-Points agenda of Sheikh Mujeeb in all institutes.  The Awami League campaign was totally based on the Six-Points Agenda. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman got a lot of support from East Pakistan. He also received a lot of funds from Bengali people living abroad. 

Pakistan People Party

Aside from focusing on the economic problems of the entire nation, the PPP also shut down its East Pakistan branch, proving that it was only representing the people of Western Pakistan. The PPP advocated the Kashmir cause with great hue and cry in the election campaign. PPP also used a slogan of roti, kapra aur Makan. Bhutto promised economic prosperity to the nation.

Their primary concern was economics. Bhutto’s personality  attracted people of all ages and backgrounds. 


The Awami League won 167  seats out of 313 seats in the National Assembly. It was the  single largest party in the country and earned the mandate to form a government in Bangladesh. Pakistan People’s Party  won 85 National Assembly seats.

After the delay in transferring the power to Awami league a mass uprising  started in East Pakistan ensued. Meanwhile 1971 war was also started between Pakistan and India. As a result of all these problems, Bangladesh became an independent state on 16 December 1971.


1970 elections in pakistan,1970 elections in pakistan

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