General Election 1977-Challenges faced by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto-Results

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General Election 1977 Pakistan,General Election 1977

General Election 1977 Pakistan

General Election 1977 of Pakistan was held on 7-March, 1977. There were 200 members of the National assembly during General election 1977. These were the country’s second general elections after the 1970 elections. Bhutto’s prerogative caused the elections to be held earlier than expected, on March 7, 1977.

Challenges faced by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

General Election 1977 results

  Bhutto in Election Campaign

Z.A Bhutto launched a massive election campaign in January 1977. He started rallies and Public addresses with large crowds. In this election campaign he promoted the “Islamic Socialism” agenda. To attract and appease the people, he talked about religious rights.

Bhutto had a strong opposition in the election from Pakistan National Alliance, a powerful coalition of nine political parties. They accused Bhutto’s government of engaging in corruption, rubbing the country’s assets and policy mismanagement. On top of that, the PNA continued to attack Bhutto by using religious sloganeering.

General Election 1977 results

According to General Election 1977 results Bhutto won 155 seats out of 200 in the National Assembly in the 1977 elections.  PNA won only 36 seats in the National Assembly.

After the results a massive civil disobedience campaign started against PPP in the election. PNA rejected the results and started agitation all over the country.  After so much civil disobedience the chief election commissioner resigned from his post. The PNA was demanding a new election in the country. 

Bhutto initially rejected the PNA’s demands but later after meeting with  leaders, it was decided to hold a new election. But Mr.  Zia-ul Haq was in a hurry to get more power, so  In July 1977 he imposed martial law in Pakistan. 

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