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___________is known as Baba-e-Ghazal of Pashto?           

A. Rahman Baba
B. khushal Khan khattak
D. Israr Atal

Hail storm occurs in summer season due to the formation of clouds called :___________?

A. Cirrus
B. Cumulus
C. Cumulonimbus 
D. Curriculum

The world’s longest glacial system outside the polar regions (the Biafo Glacier) is located in__________?

A. America
B. Canada
C. Iceland
D. Pakistan

Which organ of the United Nations has ceased its operations?

A. Trusteeship Council
B. International Court of Justice
C. The Secretariat
D. Economic Council

What is the Currency of North Korea?                                  NTS 2016

A. Franc
B. leu
C. shilling
D. Won

OIC changed its name from Organisation of the Islamic Conference to Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in _________.?

A. 1991
B. 1999
C. 2001
D. 2011

Which is the sixth most populated country in the world?         PPSC 2014

A. India
B. Brazil
C. Pakistan
D. None of them

The first news paper in the world was started by____________?

A. China
B. Japan
C. Usa
D. Uk

Who is the author of “Raqqat-e-Alamgiri” ?                         PPSC 2015

A. Ishwar Das 
B. Aurangzeb
C. Dara Shikhon
D. Mulla Daud

Who is the author of Khulasat-ul-Tawarikh?                         PPSC 2018

A. Sujan Raj Khatri
B. Abdul Hamid Lahori
C. Inyat Khan
D. Abul Fazl

What is Currency of North Korea?, Which is sixth most populated country in world?,Who is the author of Raqqat-e-Alamgiri,Who is author of Khulasat-ul-Tawarikh?,Baba-e-Ghazal of Pashto


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