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General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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The highest mountain of KPK is __________ ?

A. K-2
B. Tirch Mir
C. Nanga Parbat
D. All of them

The largest city of KPK is ___________ ?

A. D.I. Khan
B. Abbottabad
C. Kohat
D. Peshawar

Tarbela dam is situated in _________ ?

A. Kashmir
D. Gilgit Baltistan

The area of Sindh is _________ ?

A. 140,914sq.km
B. 130,914sq.km
C. 140,814sq.km
D. 120,914sq.km

How many divisions are there in Sindh?

A. 9
B. 4
C. 7
D. 3

Kirthar Hills are located in _________ ?

A. Sindh
B. Gilgit Baltistan
C. Panjab

The Indus River falls into the __________ ?

A. Arabian Sea
B. Cape Monze
C. Makran Coast
D. None of them

Archaeologists have identified some 400 Indus civilization towns, scattered from _________ ?

A. Kabul to Delhi
B. Kabul to Lahore
C. Peshawar to Delhi
D. Kandhar to Delhi

Mohenjodaro is the most famous town of the Indus civilization, located on the _________?

A. Right Bank of Indus River
B. Left Bank of Indus River
C. West of Indus River
D. None of them

Sindhi language is based on ___________ ?

A. Persian
B. Arabic
C. Dravidian
D. Sansikrit

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