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General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan on 2nd December 1988?

A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
B. M.Nawaz Sharif
C. Muhammad khan Junejo
D. Benazir Bhutto

Which of the following is not a reason for increasing workforce diversity?

A. Changing Demographics
B. Product quality Consciousness
C. Political legal system
D. Globalization of business

How many members of the European Union do not use the euro as a currency?

A. Seven
B. Eight
C. Eleven
D. All members use euro as a currency

Word “United Nations” was coined by?

A. George Washington
B. 51 founder members
C. Franklin Roosevelt
D. None of these

Oasis is associated with __________?

A. Glaciers
B. Volcanoes
C. Islands
D. Desert

The theory of continental drift was presented by?

A. Wegener
B. Lyyel
C. Richter
D. Gutenberg

Bees are found on every continent of the earth except?

A. Europe
B. Africa
C. Antarctica
D. None of these

The largest primate animal in the world is?

A. Giraffe
B. Gorilla
C. Monkey
D. None of these

The most rainfall ever recorded at __________?

A. Panipat India
B. Cherrapunji India
C. Murray Pakistan
D. Antarctica

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