General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

Which is known as the “lungs of the world”?

A. Himalaya
B. Africa
C. Amazon
D. Sunderban

After World War I , Which Muslim Empire disintegrated?

A. Abbasids
B. Umayyad
C. Ottoman
D. Mughal

The Aeroplane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima was ___________?

A. Enola Gay
B. Black Light
C. White Storm
D. Thunder Power

What is referred to as the Sorrow of China ___________?

A. Taklamakan Desert
B. Tibetan region
C. The Yellow River 
D. Nie Mongol

The D-Day operation during the 2nd world war was launched on the coast of __________?

A. Dunkirk
B. Normandy
C. Gibraltar
D. Hamburg

Nubian Monuments are located in _________?

A. Saudi Arabia
B. Syria
C. Egypt
D. Iraq

Buckingham Palace is located in __________?

A. London
B. Berlin
C. Moscow
D. Paris

Who is the author of the book “SHAMEFUL FLIGHT”?

A. Stanely Wolpert
B. William Arthur
C. Dr. Ishrat Hussain
D. Robert William

A group of nightingales is called ___________?

A. Brush
B. Watch
C. Parliament
D. Cockerel

Famous painting “Creation of Adam” was painted by __________?

A. Donatello
B. Leonardo da Vinci
C. Raphael
D. Michelangelo


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