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The following countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland are called?

A. Scandinavian
B. Nordic
C. Baltic
D. None of these

The Baltic states Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in Northern Europe lies on the __________ coast of the Baltic Sea.

A. Eastern Coast
B. Western Coast
C. Northern Coast
D. Southern Coast

The Arab League was formed in _________?

A. Jeddah
B. Tehran
C. Riyadh
D. Cairo

Who wrote the book “Conversation with myself”?

A. Nelson Mandela 
B. Fode Doumbia
C. Robert Greene
D. Zelig Pliskin

Which country is included in the ‘Horn of Africa’?

A. Egypt
B. Sudan
C. Somalia
D. Kenya

“Bread for the World, institute” , is based in?

A. London
B. Washington
C. New York
D. Geneva

Which of the following oceans was called “Bahr-e-Zulamat” by Allama Iqbal?

A. Indian Ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean 
C. Pacific Ocean
D. Arabic Ocean

A group of fishes is called ___________?

A. Clowder
B. Troop
C. Shoal
D. Skulk

A group of cats is called ____________?

A. Shoal
B. Clowder
C. Troop
D. Skulk

Don River is located in which country?

B. India
C. Australia
D. Russia

How Many Dams are in Pakistan?

A. 100 Dams
B. 150 Dams
C. 200 Dams
D. 250 Dams

Where is the library of mistakes?

A. London
B. Edinburgh
C. Dublin
D. Leeds

When was Rocky Mountain National Park Act was signed by President Woodrow Wilson?

A. 25 December 1915
B. 26 January 1915
C. 27 February 1915
D. None of these

What was the old name of china?

A. Xiamen
B. Hefei
C. Macau
D. Qin

Which country is known as Sino?

A. Cuba
B. Fiji
C. China
D. Chad

A group of cats is called,A group of fishes is called _, “Bread for the World institute” is based in?, Which country is included in the ‘Horn of Africa’?, The Arab League was formed in

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