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Kartarput corridor is _________ away from Gurdaspur in Punjab India.

A. 3 Km
B. 4 Km
C. 5 Km
D. 6 Km

The total length of Pakistan border is ___________.

A. 6774 KM
B. 6573 KM
C. 6744 KM
D. 6722 KM

White Cane Day Observed on?

A. 15 October
B. 17 October
C. 16 October
D. None of These

Who is the founder of Abraaj Group (Dubai-based equity fund)?

A. Fayeeza Naqvi
B. Badar Jafar
C. Arif naqvi 
D. Sohail Anjum

“Order of Cloud and Banner” is the most prestigious military award of__________?

A. America
B. Japan
C. China
D. North Korea

Which mountain peak is called K1?

A. Nanga Parbat
B. Tirich Mir
C. Mount Everest
D. Masherbrum

The depth of the world’s deepest and largest swimming pool is?

A. 25 meters
B. 30 Meters
C. 45 meters
D. 60 meters

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool is situated in which country?

B. Germany
C. Dubai
D. Australia

Which famous religious Sufi order is present in Gilgit Baltistan?

A. Naqshbandi
B. Chistia
C. Noorbakhshia
D. Qalandaria

For which mineral, Duki is famous?

A. Sulfur
B. Chromite
C. Barytes
D. Coal

Where is the biggest Salt Mine located in Pakistan?

A. Mangora
B. Jhelum
C. Sawat
D. none of these

The longest river in Pakistan is? 

A. River Ravi
B. River Sindh
C. River Cheenab
D. River Jehlum

Which is the national flower of Pakistan?

A. Lilly
B. Rose
C. Jasmine
D. Tulip

Which is the national bird of Pakistan?

A. Markhor
B. Parrot
C. Pigeon
D. Chakor

Which pass connects Pakistan with Afghanistan?

A. Khunjerab Pass
B. Khyber Pass
C. Tochi Pass
D. Gomal Pass

Which pass connects Pakistan with Afghanistan?, Which mountain peak is called K1?,For which mineral Duki is famous?,World’s Deepest Swimming Pool is situated in which country?,

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