General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

The “Me Too” movement was founded by?

A. Sherry Marts
B. Reid Hoffman
C. Tarana Burke
D. Erik Soleheim

The Black Sea is a body of water and marginal sea of the __________ ocean.

A. Indian
B. Atlantic
C. Arctic
D. Pacific

The United Nations International Day for Tolerance is observed on ___________?

A. 16 May
B. 16 Aug
C. 16 Nov
D. 16 Dec

The Gomal pass is one of the most important trade routes from subcontinent to?

A. Iran
B. Afghanistan 
C. India
D. None of these

World Mangroves day is celebrated on__________?

A. July 25th
B. July 26th 
C. July 27th
D. July 28th 

The Gulf of Carpentaria is located at northern coast of __________?

A. Canada
B. Russia
C. Australia
D. China

Nuuk is the capital and largest city of _________?

A. New Guinea
B. Greenland
C. Malagasy
D. Fiji

Which African country has made ”floating island”______?

A. Uruguay
B. Nigeria
C. Ivory coast
D. Niger

Who was the first governor-general of Bengal?

A. Warren hastings
B. Robert
C. William Bentinck
D. Lord Cornwallis

Tenure of House of representatives in US is ___________?

A. 4 years
B. 3 years
C. 2 years
D. 1 year

Time duration of a Senator is __________?

A. 5 years
B. 6 years
C. 7 years
D. 8 years


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