General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

The religion which believes that Hazrat Uzair (A.S) is the son of Allah?

A. Zoroastrian
B. Majusi
C. Jew
D. None of these

What was the religion of the Persian people before Islam?

A. Judaism
B. Hanfa
C. Zoroastrian
D. None of these

The most ancient city of South Asia is?

A. Lahore
B. Peshawar
C. Ghazni
D. Karachi

In which fort Raja Dahir’s wife fled with 15000 troops from,where she challenged Mohammad Bin Qasim?

A. Potwar
B. Kirthar
C. Rawar
D. None of these

The most famous court poet of Akbar was:

A. Raskhan
B. Surdas
C. Abdur Rahain Khan-i-Khanah
D. None of these

Amir Khusro’s name is associated with the invention of?

A. Sitar
B. Tabla
C. Shehnai
D. None of these

Which two countries south Asia’s first cross-border oil pipeline?

A. China-Nepal
B. India-Nepal
C. Pakistan-China
D. Turkey-India

What is the literal meaning of word philosophy?

A. Love of wisdom
B. love of God
C. love of nature
D. love of knowledge

Religion Shintoism is followed in which of the following countries?

A. China
B. Russia
C. Japan
D. Nepal

In which sport do teams compete for the Dunhill Cup?

A. Snooker
B. Golf
C. Table Tennis
D. Badminton


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