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The Black Mountains is located in:

A. France
B. Germany
C. Canada
D. Pakistan

Which Gas was first used in World War 1?

A. Helium
B. Hydrogen
C. Chlorine
D. Nitrogen

The book “Post American World” is written by _________?

A. Michal Chosudovsky
B. Mark Taliano
C. Brzezinski
D. Fareed Zikriya

The Five star movement is a political party in ___________?

A. Turkey
B. Norway
C. Italy
D. Canada

Guantanamo Bay is located in _______.

B. Tanzania
C. Cuba
D. Mozambique

Switzerland of the middle East is _____________?

A. Jordon
B. Iran
C. Tajikistan
D. Lebanon

The biggest Island of Indonesia ___________?

A. Sulawesi
B. Java
C. Seram
D. Sumatra

“Turin” was the first capital of which country before her current capital?

A. Italy
B. Germany
C. Switzerland
D. Nepal

In which country is the Great Slave Lake?

B. Canada
C. South Africa
D. Iraq

How many total number provinces are in Afghanistan?

A. 28
B. 31
C. 34
D. 37

Defence day is observed on ___________ ?

A. 6th September
B. 11th September
C. 7th September
D. None of them

The headquarters of Air Force is located in _________ ?

A. Islamabad
B. Rawalpindi
C. Peshawar
D. Karachi

The highest official rank of Air Force is  ?

A. Air Marshal
B. Supreme Marshal
C. Air Chief Marshal
D. Chief of Air Force

The highest non-operational Military Award is  ?

A. Tamgha-e-Basalat
B. Tamgha-e-Imtiaz
C. Tamgha-e-Khidmat
D. Sitara-e-Basalat

How many total number provinces are in Afghanistan?,Guantanamo Bay is located in ,The highest official rank of Air Force is,The highest non-operational Military Award is  ?,In which country is the Great Slave Lake?

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