General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

Brexit referendum was held on?

A. 2015
B. 2016
C. 2017
D. 2020

Suez Canal convention was held in which year?

A. 1887
B. 1888
C. 1889
D. None of these

Under which treaty did the British recognize the independence of 13 American colonies?

A. Brussels Treaty
B. Treaty of Paris
C. Geneva Convention
D. Treaty of Versailles

Who is the Author of “Warrior Race: A Journey Through the Land of the Tribal Pathans”?

A. Imran Khan
B. Ishaq Dar
C. Waseem Akram
D. Perviaz Mushraf

When was west Germany admitted as a member of NATO?

A. 9 May, 1954
B. 9 May, 1955
C. 9 May, 1956
D. 9 May, 1960

Vietnam joined the UN in the year?

A. 1977
B. 1976
C. 1980
D. None of these

UN adopted the charter of Economic Rights and duties of states in the year?

A. 1975
B. 1973
C. 1980
D. 1974

International Court of Justice was established in the year?

A. 1946
B. 1945
C. 1947
D. None of above

NPT was entered into force in the year?

A. 1972
B. 1970
C. 1980
D. None of these

Vladimir Lenin died in _______________?

A. 1922
B. 1924
C. 1925
D. 1929


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