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General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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77%  land area of Russia is located in?

A. Asia
B. Europe
C. Both
D. None of these

Russia is located in which two continents?

A. Asia, Europe
B. Europe, Africa
C. Asia, America
D. None of these

Obama’s book, “A Promised Land” came out on ______________?

A. 15 November
B.  16 November
C.  17 November
D.  18 November

“Becoming”, the biography written by?

A. Henry Clinton
B. Indira Gandhi
C. Michelle Obama
D. Melania Trump

Current Era of Geological Time Scale is _____________?

A. Paleozoic
B. Mesozoic
C. Holocene
D. None of these

“Zulfi My Friend” is a book written by?

A. Z. A Bhutto
B. M K Gandhi
C. K.K Aziz
D. Piloo Mody

Which book is entitled “Bible of Communism”?

A. Das Kapital
B. War and Peace
C. Communist Manifesto
D. None of these

“Higher than Hopes” (by Fatima Meer) is the biography of?

A. Mother Teresa
B. Nelson Mandela
C. Liaqat Ali Khan
D. Sir Agha khan

The Novel “Sword of Tipu Sultan” was written by?

A. K. M Munshi
B. B. S. Gidwani
C. Leo Tolstoy
D. None of these

“Dalal Street” is located in which country?

A. Pakistan
B. India
C. China
D. None of these

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