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General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Aksai chin is between which two countries?

A. Pakistan and India
B. China and India
C. Pakistan and Iran
D. China and Pakistan

Which city of Pakistan is called  “The City of Schools”.

A. Haripur
B. Kohistan
C. Abbottabad
D. Mansehra

Which nation is also referred to as “The Land of Flying Fish”?

A. Barbados
B. Guyana
C. Finland
D. Jamaica

When was the right to vote given to women in Switzerland?

A. 1935
B. 1950
C. 1965
D. 1971

Which airline won the best award in 2020?

A. New Zealand
B. Canada
C. America
D. Japan

Oslo agreements in 1993 were signed between?

A. Azerbaijan, Russia
B. Israel, Palestine
C. Iran, USA
D. None of these

On every 10 December, the Noble peace prize is awarded in?

B. Norway
C. Rome
D. None of these

Kaliningrad border lies with Lithuania and Poland, that territory belongs to which country?

A. Poland
B. Lithuania
C. Russia
D. None of these

Cod wars were fought between?

A. UK, Iceland
B. Norway, Iceland
C. Sweden, Denmark
D. None of these

Marti Ahtsari received a Noble peace prize in 2008, for his efforts to resolve international conflicts, belongs to which country?

A. Finland
B. Norway
C. Sweden
D. None of these

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