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The Highest cold desert ” Katpana desert ” is located in?

A. China
B. Pakistan
C. Nepal
D. India

Which battle allowed Babur to defeat Ibrahim Lodhi and capture Delhi in 1526?

A. 1st Battle of Panipat
B. 2nd Battle of Panipat
C. 3rd Battle of panipat
D. Battle of waterloo

Muhammad Ghauri defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in the 2nd Battle of Tarain in which year?

A. 1191 AD
B. 1192 AD
C. 1196 AD
D. 1197 AD

Annapurna peak is located in which country?

B. China
C. West-indies
D. Nepal

In which country can the military personnel also contest elections?

A. Myanmar
B. Egypt
C. Hong Kong
D. China

The first country to ban complete “Deforestation” is?

A. Australia
B. Sweden
C. Norway
D. Denmark

Minar-E-Pakistan was designed by which Russian-born Pakistani architect?

A. Nasreddin Murat-Khan TI
B. Vedat Dalokay
C. Arif Masoud
D. Yahya Merchant

Who got the title of ” Father of education” in Muslims of the subcontinent?

A. Quaid-e-Azam
B. Allama Iqbal
C. Sir Syed Ahmad khan
D. None of these

Brandenburg Gate is located in ?

A. Italy
B. Germany
C. Russia
D. None of these

Wellington Arch is located in ?

A. New Zealand
B. England
C. Australia
D. None of these

The highest mountain of KPK is __________ ?

A. K-2
B. Tirch Mir
C. Nanga Parbat
D. All of them

The largest city of KPK is ___________ ?

A. D.I. Khan
B. Abbottabad
C. Kohat
D. Peshawar

Tarbela dam is situated in _________ ?

A. Kashmir
D. Gilgit Baltistan

The area of Sindh is _________ ?

A. 140,
B. 130,
C. 140,
D. 120,

How many divisions are there in Sindh?

A. 9
B. 4
C. 7
D. 3

The Highest cold desert ” Katpana desert ” is located in?, Annapurna peak is located in?,Brandenburg Gate is located in,Wellington Arch is located in ?, The highest mountain of KPK is

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