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Officerswiki is a free education & learning platform for all students and working professionals, where they can practice multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs). These all MCQs on Officerswiki are FreeMcqs which are helpful in all types of exams  such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS,  PMS and UPSC. Read all these questions and answer for your knowledge. 

The Ramon Magsaysay Award — named after a Filipino president killed in a plane crash — was established in________?

A. 1957
B. 1960
C. 1967
D. None of these

When was International Dog Day 2021 observed?

A. August 24th
B. August 25th
C. August 26th
D. August 27th

The Men Who Ruled India: was written by__________?

A. Rousseau
B. Philip Mason
C. G. Allana
D. None of these

“Hyde Park” London is renowned for?

A. Being residence of England’s foreign minister.
B. Beautiful red roses.
C. Liberty of speech
D. Unique design.

BECA stands for: __________?

A. Basic Exchange And Cooperation Agreement
B. Bilateral Engagement And Cooperation Agreement
C. Bilateral Engagement And Counter Arrangement
D. None of these

Warsaw is capital of_________?

A. Austria
B. Poland
C. Bulgaria
D. Sweden

International Day of UN Peacekeeper celebrated every year on ________?

A. 27 May
B. 28 May
C. 29 May
D. None of these

Khartoum is the capital of__________?

A. Iraq
B. Iran
C. Yemen
D. Sudan

Nouakchott is capital of__________?

A. Spain
B. Sweden
C. Mauritania
D. None of these

World Photography Day WPD observed each year on ___________?

A. 12th August
B. 17th August
C. 19th August
D. 22nd August

Moenjodaro is a 4,000-year-old city of the ____________ ?

A. Taxila Civilisation
B. Indus Civilization
C. Both of them
D. None of them

Moenjodaro is located at the west bank of the Indus in the __________ ?

A. Upper Sindh
B. Lower Sindh
C. Central Sindh
D. Southern Sindh

The hottest place in Pakistan is ___________ ?

A. Bahawalpur
B. Multan
C. Turbat
D. None of them

The shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is located in _________?

A. Sibbi
B. Bhit Shah
C. Jacobabad
D. Hala

Largest city of Pakistan is __________ ?

A. Karachi
B. Sukkar
C. Hyderabad
D. Lahore

Shah Abdul Latif is the author of _____________ ?

A. Sassi Pannu
B. Heer Ranjha
C. Shah jo Risalo
D. Shahnama

Risalo is the best-known collection of romantic poetry in the ________ Language.

A. Urdu
B. Sindhi
C. Arabic
D. Persian

Which city of Sindh is popular for the woodwork industry?

A. Thatta
B. Kotri
C. Hala
D. Larkana

Which city is on the border of Sindh and Punjab Provinces?

A. Rajanpur
B. Mithan Kot
C. Kashmore
D. None of them

Malakhra is a traditional game of __________ ?

A. Sindh
B. Punjab
D. None of them

Sonoran is a desert present in ____________?

A. China
B. Mexico
C. Australia
D. India

Malakhra is a traditional game of, Sonoran is a desert present in, Largest city of Pakistan is? The hottest place in Pakistan is? Nouakchott is capital of

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