General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

Thar Express Runs Between Jodhpur and which city of Pakistan?

A. Multan
B. Karachi
C. Sukkur
D. Lahore

Where was Qutubuddin buried?

A. Islamabad
B. Karachi
C. Peshawar
D. Lahore

When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was born?

A. 5th January 1928
B. 5th February 1928
C. 5th January 1923
D. 5th February 1922

The book “Reconstruction of religious thoughts in Islam” was written by?

A. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
B. Allama Muhammad Iqbal
C. William Muir
D. Syed Ameer Ali

The book “We have learned nothing from history” was written by?

A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
B. Ayoub Khan
C. Asghar Khan
D. Khalid Mehmud Arif

Rehman Baba, an eminent poet of the Pashto language died in?

A. 1705
B. 1706
C. 1707
D. None of these

The book “In the line of Fire” was written by?

A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
B. Ayoub Khan
C. Imran Khan
D. Pervez Musharraf

Jamal uddin Afghani was born in ____________ ?

A. 1728
B. 1738
C. 1828
D. 1838

Sheikh Muhammad Abduh was born in 1849 A.D in _______?

A. Afghanistan
B. Iran
C. Egypt
D. Iraq

The Ramon Magsaysay Award is awarded to honor people and groups tackling?

A. Education Problems
B. Poverty Problems
C. Development Problems
D. None of these


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