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Officerswiki is a free education & learning platform for all students and working professionals, where they can practice multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs). These all MCQs on Officerswiki are FreeMcqs which are helpful in all types of exams  such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS,  PMS and UPSC. Read all these questions and answer for your knowledge. 

Initially, it was proposed during the Partition of Pakistan and India, Military assets were to be divided by the ratio of respectively:

A. 32% and 66%
B. 36% and 64%
C. 38% and 62%
D. 40% and 60%

The first F-16 fighter jets were delivered to Pakistan in 1983 at PAF Base__________?

A. Karachi
B. Quetta
C. Bholari Jamshoro
D. Sargodha

Gojra is the city of which District of Punjab?

A. Sahiwal
B. Faisalabad
C. Toba Tak Singh
D. None of these

Pakistan environmental ordinance was enacted in ___________?

A. 1980
B. 1981
C. 1982
D. 1983

M3 is the motorway between___________?

A. Lahore and Islamabad
B. Islamabad and Peshawar
C. Lahore and Abdul Hakeem
D. None of these

UGC was changed into HEC in year _______?

A. 2000
B. 2002
C. 2004
D. 2006

The place where heaven and earth meet” these words are said about which place?

A. Chitral
B. Kalash
C. Punial
D. Swat

Which is the highest peak of the Koh-e-Sufaid Range?

A. Sakasar
B. Skaram
C. Broad Peak
D. Nanga Parbat

Does the Hindu kush range start at the?

A. China Border
B. Pamir Platean
C. Afghan border
D. Karakoram

The direction of Hindukush is from?

A. North-West
B. South-West
C. North-East
D. North-South

What is the average height of Koh-e Sufaid?

A. 3200 meters
B. 3500 meters
C. 3000 meters
D. 5560 metes

What is the maximum height of the Kirthar Range?

A. 2150 meters
B. 2500 meters
C. 2375 meters
D. 2275 meters

What is the average height of the Takhat-e-Sulaiman peak?

A. 3200 meters
B. 3500 meters
C. 3300 meters
D. 3310 meters

What is the height of the Sakasar peak?

A. 1600 meters
B. 1500 meters
C. 1680 meters
D. 1700 meters

What is the average height of the salt range?

A. 675 meters
B. 700 meters
C. 640 meters
D. 590 meters

The height of the Potwar Plateau is?

A. 300-600 meters
B. 200-500 meters
C. 320-550 meters
D. 380-650 meters

Lake which is located at India Pakistan border is?

A. Haddero lake
B. Manshar lake
C. Karar lake
D. Shakoor lake 

Khanpur Dam is located on which river in KPK?

A. Gomal
B. Indus
C. Korrang
D. Haro GK

The book “Our Freedom Fighters” is written by?

A. K.K Aziz
B. I.H Qureshi
C. S.M Ikram
D. G Allana

The area with the lowest rainfall in Pakistan?

A. Thar
B. Cholistan
C. Noshehra
D. Nokkundi

The height of the Potwar Plateau is? Gojra is the city of which District of Punjab? The area with the lowest rainfall in Pakistan

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