General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

The world’s longest glacial system outside the polar regions (the Biafo Glacier) is located in__________?

A. America
B. Canada
C. Iceland
D. Pakistan

First Agriculture University of Pakistan is_________?

A. University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
B. University of Agriculture, Peshawar
C. University of Agriculture, Multan
D. None of these

Jahangiri Mahal is located in___________?

A. Fatehpur Sikri
B. Agra fort 
C. Lahore Fort
D. Delhi

Sufi poet Shah Latif Bhitae Born in________?

A. Bhit Shah
B. Hala Haveli
C. Hirat
D. Las Belo

KPK has 7 divisions and _________ districts.

A. 32
B. 33
C. 35
D. None of these

Sindh has 7 divisions and _________ districts.

A. 32
B. 30
C. 34
D. None of these

KANUPP is located near ________?

A. Cape Monze
B. Baleji Beach
C. Hub
D. None of these

Pak China border dispute was settled in:_________?

0A. 1960
B. 1963
C. 1956
D. None of these

Nerunkot was changed to Hyderabad in:_________?

A. 1765
B. 1768
C. 1775
D. None of these

Mukhi Mahal is famous place in________?

A. Hyderabad
B. Khairpur
C. Dadu
D. None of these


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