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Officerswiki is a free education & learning platform for all students and working professionals, where they can practice multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs). These all MCQs on Officerswiki are FreeMcqs which are helpful in all types of exams  such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS,  PMS and UPSC. Read all these questions and answer for your knowledge. 

The shrines of Shah Rukn Aalam, Shah Shams and Mai Maharban are located in________?

A. Kasur
B. Sherkot
C. Lahore
D. Multan

When did Urdu become the national language of Pakistan?

A. 1947
B. 1956
C. 1962
D. 1973

The desert found in the province Punjab is _________?

A. Sahara
B. Thar
C. Thal
D. Kharan

Mast Tawakali is the greatest Sufi poet of___________ language?

A. Sindhi
B. Saraiki
C. Balochi
D. Punjabi

The archaeological site Takht-i-bahi is situated in_____________?

A. Jhelum
B. Mardan
C. Multan
D. D.I. Khan

Former President Iskander Mirza was buried in_________?

A. Pakistan
B. Iran
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Afghanistan

What was the Real name of Viqar-ul-Mulk?

A. Mushtaq Hussain Zuberi
B. Munir Nawaz Jang
C. Nisar Ali
D. None of these

Which one of the following is the Largest Division of Pakistan?

A. Bahawalpur Division
B. Malakand Division
C. Lahore Division
D. Kalat Division

The first currency note issued by the State Bank of Pakistan was in the denomination of:

A. Rs.1
B. Rs.2
C. Rs.5
D. Rs.10

The first currency note of SBP was issued on___________?

A. January 1, 1949
B. March 1, 1949
C. June 10, 1949
D. July 1, 1949

During the period of One unit who was the first governor of West Pakistan?

A. Ameer Muhammad khan
B. Muhammad sharif khan
C. Akhtar Hussain
D. Mushtaq Ahmad Gorman

Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan for the shortest time period?

A. I.I.Chundrigar
B. Nurul Amin
C. M.Feroz Khan Noon
D. M.Ali Bogra

The first coin of Pakistan was designed by___________?

A. R Chughtai

B. Abdul Majeed
C. Brandley
D. Douglas Gray

Who is the author of the book” Struggle for Pakistan”?

A. I.H. Qureshi
C. Aysha Jalal
D. Shahid Rafique

The old name of Jacobabad was _________?

A. Khanpur
B. Khan Abad
C. Khangarh
D. None of the Above

Hina Lake is situated near?

A. Siri Nagar
B. Karachi
C. Quetta
D. Islamabad

How many deserts are in Punjab Province?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

The climate of Pakistan is mostly_____________?

A. Hot and dry
B. Hot and moist
C. Cold and dry
D. Cold moist

In Pakistan “City of Garden” is known as___________?

A. Karachi
B. Lahore
C. Gilgit Baltistan
D. Quetta

Makli graveyard is located near____________?

A. Jacobabad
B. Jamshoro
C. Larkana
D. Thatta

The climate of Pakistan is mostly Makli graveyard is located near? How many deserts are in Punjab Province?

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