General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

The first marriage of Quaid-e-Azam took place in which Year?

A. 1892
B. 1893
C. 1893
D. None of These

Islamabad is a _______?

A. Division
B. District
C. Territory
D. Both A & B

The total number of divisions in AJK is __________ ?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

The First Urdu Newspaper daily published after creation of Pakistan was___________?

A. Mashriq
B. Imroze
C. Watan
D. Nawa-e-Waqat

The “Emergence of Pakistan” book is written by______________?

A. Ch Muhammad Ali
B. Ch Najib
C. K K Aziz
D. Ayesha Jalal

Mirani Dam is located on which river?

A. Bolan
B. Jhelum
C. Dashat
D. Hub

The founder of ‘Zamindar’ (newspaper) was ___________?

A. Ch Rahmat Ali
B. Allama Iqbal
C. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
D. Maulana M Ali Johar

Al-Beruni came to India along with____________?

A. Muhammad Ghouri
B. Mehmood Ghaznavi
C. Babar
D. Allauddin Khilji

Gaddani Beach is located in___________?

A. Balochistan
B. Sindh
D. Punjab

Banbhore is famous for_________?

A. Heer Ranjha
B. Sassui & Punhu
C. Sohni Mehar
D. Noori Jam Tamachi


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