General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Sindhi letters of alphabet were prepared by __________?

A. Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah
B. Aben-al-Hassan
C. Abdullah Sultan
D. Shahid Nazeer

The local ascents of Sindhi are ________?

A. Lari & Thari
B. Kachi
C. Waehali
D. Kathiwari
E. All of the above

Badshahi mosque is in Lahore built by ________ in 1673

A. Akbar
B. Aurangzeb
C. Mahabat khan
D. Shah Jehan

Which Turkish designer designed the biggest mosque of Pakistan?

A. Bora Aksu
B. Vedat Dalokay
C. Mustafa Aslanturk
D. Ivana sert

Shah Jehan mosque was built by Shah Jehan. It is in which district of Sindh?

A. Badin
B. Thatta
C. Dadu
D. Khairpur

Wazir khan mosque is in _________?

A. Abbottabad
B. Lahore
C. Rawalpindi
D. Islamabad

Which of the following fort was built by Akbar?

A. Attock fort
B. Lahore fort
C. Kot Diji
D. A & B
E. All of the above

Darawar fort was built by Sadiq Muhammad khan. It is near _______?

A. Abbottabad
B. Bahawalpur
C. Thatta
D. Lahore

Which of the following fort was formally known as Fort Ahmadabad?

A. Attock fort
B. Kot Diji
C. Lahore fort
D. None of these

Kot Diji Fort is in which district of Sindh?

A. Thatta
B. Khairpur
C. Hyderabad
D. Karachi

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