General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

From 1947-1974, the Pakistan railway was known as _______?

A. Pakistan Eastern Railways
B. Pakistan western Railways
C. Pakistan northern Railways
D. Pakistan southern Railways

National Reptile of Pakistan is_________?

A. Rho fish
B. Indus dolphin
C. Mugger Crocodile
D. All of these

National Vegetable of Pakistan is_________?

A. Carrot
B. Tomato
C. Lady Finger
D. All of these

National Predator of Pakistan is__________?

A. Lion
B. Snowbear
C. Snow Leopard
D. All of these

National monument of Pakistan is located in ___________?

A. Rawalpindi
B. Faisalabad
C. Islamabad
D. Lahore

National insignia of Pakistan is__________?

A. Deodar
B. Indus dolphin
C. Crescent and star
D. None of above

State Bird of Pakistan is_________?

A. Pregarine falcon/shaheen
B. Markhor
C. Chakor
D. None of above

National Dress of Pakistan is?

A. Nicker Shirt
B. Pent Shirt
C. Shalwar kameez
D. Dhoti Kurta

The Nation’s Motto of Pakistan is?

A. Faith, Struggle, Unity
B. Unity, Power, Discipline
C. Unity, Discipline, Sacrifice
D. Faith, Unity, Discipline

National mosque of Pakistan is _______?

A. Shah Jahan Mosque
B. Badshahi Mosque
C. Faisal Mosque
D. Mosque Tooba



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