General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

Radioactive isotope of Uranium used in Nuclear Bomb ?

A.92 U 235
B.92 U 234
C. 92 U 233
D. 92 U 238

Human population growth is greatest in developing countries because ?

A. the birth rate is high in developing countries
B. the death rate is high in developing countries.
C. much of the population has already reached the child bearing age.
D. Most of the world’s population lives in industrialized countries.

Which woody raw material is used for the manufacture of paper pulp?

A. Cotton
B. Poplar
C. Bagasse
D. Rice straw

Rectified spirit contains alcohol ?

A. 80%
B. 95%
C. 70%
D. 85%

Which of the following elements is not present abundantly in earth’s crust ?

A. Silicon
B. Radium
C. Aluminum
D. Carbon

The famous book; Al – Qanun was written by the Muslim scientist ?

A. Jabar bin Hayyan
B. Zakariya Al – Razi
C. Abu Ali Sina
D. Abdul Qasim Majriti

Basic metals can be converted into gold by 

A. Heating
B. Beating
C. Artificial nuclear radioactivity
D. Chemical reaction

A light year is a unit of ?

A. Time
B. Energy
C. Length
D. Mass

One of the main functions of the earth’s ozone layer is to ?

A. Prevent global warming
B. Filter out ultraviolet rays
C. Absorb pollution
D. All of the above

People with the following blood group are considered to be universal recipients ? 

A. A+
B. B+
C. AB+
D. O+
E. None of these


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