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General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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The fourth state of matter is?

A. Water
B. Salts
C. Vapours
D. Plasma

The device used to convert Alternate Current into Direct Current is called?

A. Anemometer
B. Battery
C. Galvanometer
D. Rectifier

At night, when photosynthesis is stopped, plants__________?

A. take in Carbon Dioxide
B. give off Oxygen
C. give off Carbon Dioxide
D. None of these

__________ are called the powerhouses of the cell?

A. Mitochondria
B. Vesicles
C. Lungs

One of the countries through which the equator passes is___________?

A. Kenya
B. Malaysia
C. Malta
D. Pakistan

Copper can be converted into gold by ?

A. Artificial radioactivity
B. heating
C. Electroplating
D. Chemical reaction

The three elements needed for healthy growth of plants are __________?

A. N, P, K
B. N, C, P
C. N, K,
D. N, S, P

Clocks, which move with the velocities comparable with the velocity of light, run ?

A. fast
B. slow
C. equal to the velocity of light
D. with zero velocity

Max Planck received the nobel prize in Physics in 1918 for his discovery of  

A. electron
B. energy quanta
C. photon
D. positron

Bronze medal made up of metals 

A. copper,nickel
B. copper, tin
C. copper, silver
D. copper, zinc

Addison’s disease is caused by the deficiency of____________?

A. Antidiuretic Hormone
B. Luteinising Hormone
C. Melanophore stimulating Hormone
D. Adrenocorticotropic Hormone

Humming bird belong to a category called ?

A. Ectotherm
B. Endotherm
C. Exotherm
D. Heterothermy.

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