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General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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CNG stands for?

A. Converted Natural Gas
B. Conducted Natural Gas
C. Conducted Natural Gas
D. Compressed Natural Gas

Which of the following is true for “Sound”?

A. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum
B. Sound cannot travel through gases
C. Sound cannot travel through liquids
D. Sound cannot travel through solids

When white light is passed through a prism, it splits into __________ colours.

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8 

Instrument used for measuring very high temperatures is __________?

A. Pyroscope
B. Pyrometer
C. Seismograph
D. Xylometer

Sound waves are _________ waves

A. Transverse
B. Electromagnetic
C. Longitudinal
D. None of these

The lifespan of White Blood Cells is __________ day(s)?

A. 1 – 5 days
B. 3 – 7 days
C. 4 – 8 days
D. 5 – 21 days

The fluid part of blood is known as __________?

A. plasma
B. platelets
C. blood cells
D. None of these

During winter in cold countries, the __________ is mixed to melt the ice on the icy roads.

A. Salt
B. Chlorine
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Water

In a very low temperature which from the following will freeze at last?

A. River water
B. Canal water
C. Sea water
D. Water in a lake

The nearest planet to the Earth is _________?

A. Venus
B. Mercury
C. Mars
D. Moon

The planet that moves round the Sun at the highest speed is_________?

A. Jupiter
B. Venus
C. Mars
D. Mercury

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