General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

Magnitude of energy released by an earthquake is calculated using ________?

A. Earthquake scale
B. Seismic scale
C.Richter scale
D. Temblor scale

The point within the Earth where earthquakes originate is _________?

A. Comma
B. Origin
C. Epicenter
D. Focus

Place directly above focus on Earth’s surface is known as _________?

A. Strike
B. Comma
C. Epicenter
D. Origin

In general, the most destructive earthquake waves are the __________ ?

A. P waves
B. S waves
C. Surface waves
D. All of the above

P Waves are also said to be __________ waves?

A. Push-pull
B. Side-side
C. Up-down
D. None of the above

Earthquakes occur most frequently at __________?

A. Plate boundaries
B. Plate surface
C. Ocean beds
D. All of the above

Sericulture is the study of which discipline ?

A. silk production
B. milk Production
C. honey production
D. forest timber production

Study of fruit is called___________?

A. Pomology
B. Pluricultural
C. Sericulture
D. Apiculture

Rearing of honey bees for honey production is called?

A. Sericulture
B. Apiculture
C. Viticulture
D. Bees culture

Silver fish is the name of__________?

A. Insect
B. Fish
C. Bird
D. Mammal

The Scientific Name of a Human is____________?

A. Homo sapiens
B. Mono sapiens
C. Bio sapiens
D. Cosmopolitan


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